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Our mission is to build and supplement the leadership skills learned in the Corps by giving our skilled cadet athletes the opportunity to compete at high levels in the sports that they love while representing the Corps of Cadets well in a variety of highly competitive organizations and tournaments. We strive to be the best and make the best leaders out of our high-class athletes by providing them with the opportunity to face high-class competition.


Why join Corps Athletics?

Corps Athletics provides a way for competitive athletes to continue their career of high-level competition while attending a top tier University, and being incorporated in a structured leadership training environment such as the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. 

If you have love for a sport represented by one of our athletics teams, Corps Athletics provides a chance for athletes to compete one last time at a high level in their favorite sport. Our teams compete in a variety of collegiate organizations that are all highly competitive, and give cadets another chance to show the skills they have built in the sport of their choice. 

Our team members are thankful for the opportunity to compete and win at the collegiate level. Each one of them has gotten the chance to once again showcase their hard earned athletic skill and leadership qualities all while winning and representing the Corps of Cadets and Texas A&M. Many of them have even earned the opportunity to represent the Corps in a Colligate Club National Championship, and many have brought home the gold. You could be next.

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